For too long, brands have been held hostage by the swag industry–being forced to hold extra inventory, excessive minimum orders, and sub-par print quality. The Merch Minion Online Merchandise Solution offers growing brands custom merchandise and online stores that connect customers directly with the swag they love.

Design Lab: 

Design your own swag on our website

Upload your photos/artwork to our design lab and instantly see how it looks on dozens of products.

  • Instant Feedback: No more emailing back and forth. Get image proofs/product mockups instantly. 
  • Painless Order Process: Once you've found the perfect products for your design get an instant detailed quote that includes shipping. No more guesswork!
  • Automatic Discounts: Whether you are ordering one shirt or hundreds, our system calculates it all, including bulk, same-design, and reorder discounts automatically. 
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Swag Shops:

Are you ready to sell merch to your fan base or customers?

Our modern templates and drag and drop website editor gives you control over your own online store completely powered by Merch Minion's Full Service Swag Solution.

Fufillment Made Easy: We Process secure online payments and ship directly to your customers so you never have to hold inventory.

Multi-channel Customer Service: We make it easy for your fans to get help by providing phone, email and live chat support.

You control your profits: You control your comission for your entire shop by opting for either a flat percentage or a set dollar amount. You set the price, you keep the profit.

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Merchandise Campaigns:

 It's TIME to rethink the way you do merch.

Sell to individual fans, while maximizing bulk discounts by using time based merch campaigns. Perfect for time sensitive items such as  Fundraisers, Online crowdfunding, Contests, Limited Edition Swag.

  • Create a Sense of Urgency: designs are only available to your fans for a set amount of time before they 'disappear'.
  • Boost Profits by Maximizing Discount: Shirts are not printed/shipped until the campaign ends so you get a discount based on the total number of items sold. 
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